Tankless Water Heater

Grand Rooter install and replace Tankless Water Heater within the same day in Broward County.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Services

Grand Rooter it has performed thousands of Tankless Water Heater Installations and replacements in Pembroke Pines. Ever since the water heater technology was developed, it only became perfected about 20 years ago. Since then its advantages out convened the traditional Water Heater. As a result, this has become a popular trend in the community with an exceptional success. If you Tankless Water Heater needs repair or replacement or simply you want to upgrade from tank to tankless give us a call and we will get you going within the day.

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Tankless Water Heater

Why Tankless Water Heaters

The world is running against the clock with our environment. Of the total energy consumed in the United States, about 40% is used to generate electricity making it’s use an important part of each person’s environmental footprint. Producing and using electricity more efficiently reduces both the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity and the amount of greenhouse gases and other air pollutes as a result. Because of this, Tankless Water Heaters makes more sense than traditional Tank Water Heaters in our household.

Tankless Water Heaters Pros

  • Minimalistic Design
  • No Tank Burst
  • Hot Water On Demand
  • Save Electricity

Frequently Asked Questions

Tankless offers a variety of advantages over traditional tank water heaters which makes it a better option overall.

If the water heater is installed according to plumbing and electrical codes, no.

Yes, Tankless waters heaters can be 24-34% more efficient then tank water heaters.

Yes, Tankless water heaters need a more robust electrical setup than traditional tank water heaters, therefore an electrical upgrade is required in order to operate properly and not create a fire hazard.

Yes, The element chamber in a tankless water heater is small compare to a traditional tank water heater. Tankless water heater needs a water filter in order to keep sediments build up out it which prolong the live span of it. 

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