Plumbing Services

We offer plumbing services for water leak detection, storm drain cleaning and more.


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Plumbing Services

Water Leaks

Water leaks is a huge reason for water damage and can boost your water bill skyrocket in days. At Grand Rooter we specialized in diagnostic that allows to find and pinpoint any kind of water leak.

Tankless Water Heater

There is for main advantage to switch to tankless water heater. No wonder nowadays it becomes a trend to make the switch. We specialized in tankless water heater and we can get the job done in one day.


Toilets are not rocket science but it takes an experienced and trained plumber to make a toilet to work properly. At Grand Rooter we repair them and replace them as a daily task.


A leaky faucet not only can put your water bill high, but it could be an annoying thing dripping overnight. We replace all brands of Faucets.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks is one of the most common issues founded in homes now days. We specialized in tackle those complicated task with ease.

Water Service

Water service lines problems is the number one reason to experience a low water pressure in the house. We replace the potable water line buried underground from the water meter to the house within the day.

Sewer Line

A sewer line broken is nothing but a headache. At Grand Rooter we specialized in sewer repairs and sewer replacements.

Sanitary Line

Living with a constant sanitary issue is not healthy.We repair and replace main Sanitary lines under the concrete slab daily across south florida.


What is

Diagnostics is the most important step in the process of resolve any given plumbing problem. Historically plumbers and sewer & drain techs used to deal with almost impossible challenges at the time of repairing or cleaning a drain lines, which most of the times end up in exhausting hard labor re-piping.  Now days those times are over.  With the advantage of cutting edge technology in the industry. The modern plumber can determine with precision an existing condition, in a more cost effective solution for the customer.

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