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If you need Water Leak Detection in Pembroke Pines, Grand Rooter is the Plumbing Contractor to call. Water leaks can be tough to find, pin point and repair. Water Leaks often go undetected costing you a fortune per minute not to mention the high cost in Water Damage, which is why Grand Rooter offers and specializes in Leak Detection services. We offer on-demand service in addition to scheduled visits so that we can detect leaks quickly and efficiently before they cause major damage!

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Leak Detection Pembroke Pines

Common Causes of a Water Leak

Water Leaks can cause an immense amount of damage to your home or property and is an ingredient for black mold development. Water leaks grow at a daily exponential rate. If the leak is located near an electrical source, it can cause a fire hazard that can be life threatening. Lastly, water leaks will raise your utility bill extensively.

Below we have listed some of the most common causes of a Water Leak:

  • Pinholes
  • Cracked Pipes
  • Faulty Connections
  • Structural Stress on Pipes
  • Rapid Temperature Changes
  • Building Settlement
  • Excess Water Pressure
  • Damaged Pipe Joints
  • Corrosion
  • Clogged Lines
  • Broken Seals

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple ways to create a guesstimate on where a water leak is coming from. Like checking your water meter, looking at your usage, monitoring your water bill and checking exterior usage.

Plumbers use a developed method of the water hammer test to locate leaks. A professional plumber will use a leak locator which have special designed sensors that listen for hammering sounds or gurgling of a cracked pipe.

You can pinpoint a water leak with a couple of different methods. The best way is to call a professional plumbing company.

Some ways of detecting a water leak under a slab is looking for damp spots on your floor, or maybe hearing water rushing underneath the floor.

When there is enough water, concrete will allow water to seep through. It can even crack if there is enough water.

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