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We offer same day A/C repair, replacements, installations services to local residents of Pembroke Pines.

Same Day Air Conditioning Service & Replacements

When having an A/C issue, you always need to make sure you call an Air Conditioning Contractor that specializes in residential service. Failure to do so could result in damaging your unit or spending twice the money on unnecessary repairs or replacements, that could be avoid if the right decision is made in the first place. We highly recommends to make sure that the A/C  Company that you decide to go with is trained and equipped with the proper equipment to get the job done professionally.

Did You know that,  you could be spending up to 60% of your electrical bill each month if your A/C is more the 10 years old or is not working in optimal condition. For those reasons and more, If your home temperature is not pleasant. Please…Call us today and…

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100 % Financing - 0% Interest for 60 months - WAC

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100% financing No Interest For 60 Months W.A.C.
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Each Duct Cleaned
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56 Point Inspection
Coil Cleaning in place.
Blower Cleaning.
Flush Condensate Drain Line
Free Refrigerant Up tTo 1 lb.
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24 Points Of A/C Inspection
Duct Sanitation
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Condenser Cleaner.
24 Point Inspection.
Condensate Drain Line Cleaning.
Free Refrigerant up to 1 Lb.
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Why A/C Professionals

The air conditioning system is one of the most important system in a house hold and is responsible for up to 60% of your electrical bill consumption in your home. Therefore is imperative to keep it running in optimal condition to save in electricity. Hiring a qualified technician guaranty you that your A/C is maintained by a qualified air conditioning professional that eliminates the guessing work, silly mistakes or damaging your system which translate to double or unnecessary spending cost.

  • Same Day Service & Installations
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • EPA Certified Techs
  • Work Guaranteed
  • Live Person Answering Phones
  • Uniformed Technicians
  • Resources To Handle Any Type Of Job.
  • Trained By The Latest CDC Guide Lines About COVID-19 And Variants
  • Equipped With The Industry Latest Equipment And Technologies
  • Respectful And Polite Service Technicians

Frequently Asked Questions

The A/C system should be checked twice a year by an A/C professional in order to keep it running in optimal condition.

Although it could be for a various reasons, typically is related to a condensate drain line clog. By cleaning the condensate drain line on a yearly basis will eliminate the problem.

Typically is a caused by a dirty  evaporator coil. Cleaning the evaporator coil will takes care the issue.

Air filters should be replace on a monthly basis.

You should turn your A/C off and call a professional A/C contractor.

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